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South East Asia Forum > Sipadan
posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Sipadan
I'm in Borneo right now. Just finished great trip to GBR, and will be heading to Boracay in the Phil in Jan. (don't mean to brag, just letting you know my diving situation) I'm thinking of making a dash for Palau Sipadan, but I've head mixed things about the conditions/visibility in late November. ANybody have any experience diving Sipadan this time of year?

Dive Site Asia
posted : November 5, 2004 Post subject: Sipadan
Diving at Borneo in November should be OK. Avoid June-August, as this time monsoon is passing through this region. We just had a group returned from Borneo and Kota Kina Baru. No problem with vis and weather is hot and humid.